Bio OPC grape seed extract with vitamin C
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Bio OPC grape seed extract with vitamin C

  • 100% Organic product
  • Best quality
BIO OPC grape seed extract - 60 capsules of 410mg each in a glass bottle - high dosage - 100 percent natural.
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BIO OPC grape seed extract - 60 capsules of 410mg each in a glass bottle - high-dose - 100 percent natural

There laughs the heart of the Green Elephant: BIO OPC protects the cells and inhibits inflammation. We only use organic grapes from France. BIO OPC is highly dosed and lasts for two months.

  • Gluten-free, vegan and 100 percent natural
  • 410mg grape seed extract, thereof 390mg pure OPC BIO
  • 90mg acerola powder, 15mg pure vitamin C
  • Improved formula: highest concentration of OPC and vitamin C on the market!
  • BIO OPC Capsules: high-dose extract with OPC and vitamin C

BIO OPC capsules contain grape seed extract and a new source of organic vitamin C, both in high doses. We have significantly improved our formula: The new BIO OPC capsules now also contain vitamin C from biological sources, in the form of acerola powder. The acerola cherry is a real vitamin C miracle and supports the effect of the grape seed extract. Grape seeds contain antioxidants and a high proportion of OPC, which makes them radical scavengers. This can have a positive effect on the skin (less wrinkling).

OPC: purely biological components, 100 percent nature of GREEN ELFANTS

Selected French wineries that produce grapes of the highest organic quality - this is the origin of the grape seed extract from GREEN ELEFANTS. The extract we extract from the acerola cherry must also pass through our strict controls. Both components together form the high-dose components of OPC BIO capsules. You receive the capsules in a glass bottle, which protects the product from sunlight. This enables us to produce sustainably and avoid waste. Order without risk and check 30 days. If you don't like it, you will get your money back.

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