Bio F-Burn
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Bio F-Burn

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Green Elephants's Organic F-Burn Fat Burner with Organic Green Coffee Beans, Organic Green Tea, Organic Guarana, Organic Acerola, High Dose - 90 Capsules - Vegan - Weight Management
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The ingredients of our F-Burn capsules are 100% organic and sustainable. We also dispense with sugar, cereals, dairy products, soya and other allergens in the production and further processing of the capsules. The F-Burn capsules are of course gluten-free, without artificial additives or flavours and made from organic plants without genetic manipulation. Taking it before or after every large meal reduces the feeling of hunger in the long run and, above all, improves digestion. Get a monthly package of 90 capsules to try now of course with a money-back guarantee.

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