About Us

My name is Ryan Prizio – I am an American emigrant in my early 30s and together with my wife Susanne I founded Green Elephants in 2015. Together we would like to try our entrepreneurial luck in Germany and accommodate nature a little.

Since a few years we live with our two children and our dog in the deep idyll of the city Worms. As young parents we want to take responsibility for the future of our planet. We are dedicated to making the world a little better – a small step in this direction is the production of nature-friendly food, without using plastic at all.

Our concept is based on the idea that future generations should not suffer from the wasteful lifestyle of our present society. Each and every one of us should start thinking consciously about the products we buy and consume. This includes not only the fair production of food, but especially the environmentally friendly packaging and disposal of products. We want to set a good example and bring global food production to a level that the earth can continue to support in the future.

So that our planet remains habitable

Our products come from organic production and are sourced from sources as close as possible in order to keep transport distances short and protect the environment. The ingredients are natural and are not falsified by any artificial additives. When selecting our organic suppliers, we pay close attention to possible disadvantages for nature – from the use of pesticides and transport routes to fair payment for producers, we consider every step carefully and act in an environmentally friendly manner.

We want to produce as little waste as possible – that’s why there is no plastic in our packaging except for the legally required plastic ring for sealing food packaging. We use glass and recyclable cardboard labels for packaging – even for printing we have thought of environmentally friendly ink and printing techniques.